The Echoes of the Skies will not break us (2019)

This installation is made up of twelve spherical, hollow sculptures which are arranged on chalk circles resembling a constellation. Each individual sculpture is named after a moon in our solar system and they are grouped by the planets of which their respective moon orbits. 

These sculptures are highly fragile and have lost fragments and shards during the process of making but the overall structure remains strong; a representation of hope, strength and resilience. The insides are flawlessly smooth, contrasted drastically by the rough, textured exterior; two different worlds inside and out.

SLW -May 09, 2019, IMG_1889.jpg
SLW -June 06, 2019, Photo 06-06-2019, 1
SLW -May 08, 2019, IMG_1784.jpg
SLW -May 12, 2019, IMG_1979.jpg

This body of work explores the unexplored and the unknowns in our world; the depths of the oceans we still haven't reached and the far away skies of outer solar systems that are beyond our comprehension. Circles and spheres are reminiscent of endless time and the cycles and round forms that are so prominent in space. The moon-like texture of the chalk on the floor and the crater-like forms on the exterior of the sculptures influenced their individual titles. The empty vessels are a potential space; a collection of hollows that could contain water or stardust or simply air we breathe. 

When observed in the gallery space, as the afternoon light shines through the skylights, it highlights the process of making - how the work is dependent on the light to create the colour change in a way that the moons are dependent on the sun's light to be visible to us on Earth. 

Each sculpture is completely unique and will never be recreated with the same colour marks of the same shape - and even though Jupiter alone has sixty-seven natural satellites, they are all different in their own way. Even once these sculptures are disassembled and distributed to their new owners, they will always remain connected like re-arranged stars. 


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