White chicken in acrylic paint
I used texture paste to create a 3D effect in the feathers and took inspiration from Donna Crawshaw to create this piece.
Black Rock Chicken
This piece is composed of three separate MDF boards covered in newspaper print as a background. I used tissue paper and glue to create a fleshy texture on the comb and I used texture paste and the acrylic in a specific way to create the texture in the feathered body. This image is of one of my own five chickens.
Barn Owl
A3 barn owl depicted in acrylic paint. I used an artist sponge to create the mottled pattern of the bird's feathers.
Bittern on book page
Medium: gouache paint
Oiseau Vert
Medium: ink-tense pencil with water and Verithik colour pencils
Goldfinch on book page
Medium: gouache paint
The Blue Period
Medium: gouache paint
Nest on receipt
Ballpoint pen with gouache paint on a mother's day receipt.
Nuthatch silhouette
Glossy book print and black paper - A3
Flying Angel
A3 pencil drawing of a Kestrel in flight.
A4 chaffinch pencil drawing.
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© Sophie Lou 2021

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