Phases of Light

A set of 28 photographs aims to communicate the contrast in natural and artificial light. The light bulb represents all of the artificial light that we have created; from a simple light bulb to complex screen and monitor lights that are prevalent in today's society.  

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This body of work explores emotions that have been commonly experienced but they do not have a defined term in the dictionary.  A man called John Keonig, created a number of neologisms that defined these common but unexplainable feelings. 



The tendency to give up explaining an experience because people are unable to relate to it.



A sense of exhaustion inspired by senseless acts of violence



The sudden realisation that every random passer-by has a life as vivid and complex as our own.





The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.



The awareness of the smallness of your perception.


This short contemporary art film visually documents the transition between chaos and tranquility and includes photographs of the site specific installation in thundersley glen. the yellow and black ropes represent attention and distraction, respectively and they were temporarily installed in the glen. the film is designed to gradually build-up an anxiety-evoking experience before contrasting with the calming effects of the photographs and sounds of the glen. this work was inspired by Ruby Wax's book, a mindfulness guide for the Frazzled. 

Feathers of Lead

A black brick with white feather drawings to illustrate the concept of Urban vs Nature, placed in the center of a road  to symbolise how urbanisation dominates nature. 


A collection of digitally manipulated photographs and hand rendered drawings combined to visually represent urban spaces integrating with natural growing organisms. Although humans have created vast amounts of buildings and technology, nature will continue to grow. 

Gloss paint drawings

Trying to experiment with relinquishing control and taking on the natural process of drawing and observation, i used white gloss paint and a stick to depict studies of natural fascinating objects. 


I made this publication using overheard conversation in public places to explore stereotypes. Using the seats as the common denominator to link all the scenes together and highlighting the differences within our society. The layout and design of the photographs and text also explores the concept of visually recording people's movements and presence without capturing them in the figurative form. 

Twisted Oscillation

Further developing ways to visually record presence without the figurative form, I removed the text element and used shape and colour to record the day, temperature and the twister circle shows the movement in a less literal form. 

Wall of Potential

I wanted to explore beauty through numbers using pages of university prospectuses. This wall consists of approximately 308 pages, showing the vast choice in courses and provider choices. The height of the wall highlights how daunting making life choices can be. 

Treasures of Time
An assisted ready-made inspired by Damien Hirst. I curated a miniature exhibition of collected objects and created personal invented histories for each object and produced an accompanying exhibition catalogue. This challenges museum exhibits and their accompanying descriptions and explores art through written language. 
Abstracted Figuration

This was a collaborative project with another fine art student where we used recycled cardboard boxes to create abstracted figures. Other than the screen-like face, there is no identity to the figure, no shape, no colour, no gender. 

Toxic Healer

Resin cast of an argagonite crystal with added glow-in-the dark pigment to create an ironic sculptural work. Aragonite crystals are known for their healing powers whilst this luminous, glowing cast resembles a toxic object emitting radiation. 


Glass sculpture with paper butterflies explores beauty vs danger. It's title 'Kaleidoscope' is the official name for a collection of butterflies and also resembles the patterns made with the instrument.  The blue morpho butterflies are symbolic of change and evolving nature.

Drawing the Unknown

A1 Biro drawing of an unknown object wrapped in tin foil. Relying on observation and mark making using different techniques with a Biro pen. the object was finally revealed to be a sea biscuit/ sand dollar from Florida. 

Landscape of Signs

A British landscape made up entirely from paint colour chips ( approx. 1,020 ) . The original image was projected onto the work which covered 1.5m x 1.2m wall space and represented the landscape in it's digital, pixeltated form. 

Homeless; Faceless

A life size cardboard sculpture resembling a sleeping figure. Placed on a park bench with a blanket, it visually communicates and draws attention to the issue of homelessness. The geometric and abstracted form of the figure obscures the identity, highlighting how most people forget that they have their own stories and lives.