Tomorrow (2019)

SLW -January 11, 2019, IMG_0671.jpg

Cyanotype and mirror

Dimensions: N/A

We as a human race spend our lives exploring and learning and discovering but there is still so much of our world that has not yet been explored. The vast expanses of deep ocean waters and the infinite skies beyond our planet that are visible from our world at night. These unknowns, these uncrossed thresholds, ultimately is our future.

There is a sense of anxiety and anticipation in what we might discover but a thrill of the potential. The depth of blue, offered by the cyanotype process becomes the void; intangible, abstract forms floating in the space. The inverted shadows challenge absence and presence and capture a unique moment in time. The celestial, ambiguous imagery resembles stars and planets in space or tiny atoms in organisms. The ambiguity of micro or macro adds to the distance between you and the void. 

The mirror fabricates the image to complete the circle of blue and also creates an intangible space that is difficult to fully capture with a photograph. The reflected hemisphere reinforces the ethereal nature of the work; a whole half of it that we can never reach, never touch. 

The title Tomorrow refers to the future, something we know will arrive but we can never be present in the future. Always chasing a moving goal. But whilst the future and the void continues to elude us, there is also a great sense of hope and potential.