Winter Leaves (2019)

Winter leaves is a new project using plaster and cyanotype emulsion to explore the intricacies of nature. 

Each leaf is an individual relief cast of a unique leaf and exposed in natural winter sunlight. 

The cyanotype emulsion travels in unpredictable paths through the plaster but often settles on the raised sections, highlighting the complex vein system of each leaf. Reminiscent of a human fingerprint, all vein patterns look similar but no two are identical. 

The colour falls across the leaves like shadows, as though they are alive and the depth of blue is dependent on light, like leaves themselves depend on light to stay alive. 

To preserve these fragile sculptures and for best display, a box frame provides the perfect protection. Usually flexible and blowing in the wind, these leaves are now frozen, preserved in a moment like a photograph, but in a physical form; a physical photograph. 

For purchasing information please get in touch. 

© Sophie Lou 2021

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